State Auditor: University City is Run By Morons

According to the Missouri State Auditor, University City is run by a bunch of raving idiots that probably can’t even wipe their asses correctly, but he can’t verify that since it’s technically outside of the State Auditor’s prescribed duties. Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich released an audit Thursday highly critical of how University City operates and spends tax payer dollars. …the city has 3,373 delinquent trash accounts costing the city $1. [Read More]

New city attraction signs aren’t free to businesses

Short version: The city is dropping some cash to put up signs all over the place that point to various places of interest like famous restaurants, neighborhoods or attractions. Some are whining about this though when they found out that the signs will only be leading the way to attractions that have paid the city for the sign placement. There are lots of problems people can, and should, be complaining about, but this isn’t one of them. [Read More]

East St. Louis Layoff Policemen, Please Don’t Tell All the Criminals

East St. Louis you’re about to get that much worse. Layoff notices have already gone out in East St. Louis, and 16 police officers could be gone as of January first. The mayor says these layoffs are needed in order to get the city budget under control. Budget issues are totally important, but maybe…maybe the police aren’t where we’d make the cuts seeing as though you’ve got people stealing church vans and smashing them in to ATMs the same day this all was announced. [Read More]

St. Louis City is About to Get $10 Million Dollars More Crappy

With the city looking at a roughly $10 Million dollar deficit this year, it’s plans are to ask all departments to cough up some money. Sure maybe spend a little less on the constant road work, but not the police right? This city is already a freaking joke with violent crimes and theft, they wouldn’t be dumb enough to try and take money away from the thing that can fix the #1 issue with this city…would they? [Read More]

City to Jack up Water Prices, Start Charging for Trash

St. Louis is poor. Mayor Slay is about a month away from having city employees sell cheese and sausage to their families. If only there was another way! If the city could only fine a service they provide and then charge more for it… City residents can expect to see their water rates increase, and a new $144-per-family annual trash fee. The city also talked about charging a $10-per-person entry fee for recreation centers, though that precise number may not stick. [Read More]

St. Louis to Start Charging for Trash Collection

The free ride might be over for St. Louis city residents who have been living the good life with “free” trash pick up. On Wednesday, city leaders released a proposed budget that includes a provision for homeowners to pay $8 a month for trash services. The city said the move would raise $10 million in the next budget. City leaders claim that many county residents currently pay for trash service. In some communities, trash collection costs homeowners up to $20 a month. [Read More]

St. Louis City Faces Budget Cuts

I don’t want to shock any of you, but apparently we are going through some kind of economic depression. Its been a bit of a secret, but apparently it is hitting the city of St. Louis. Get ready for the budget cuts! What are we talking about? City Hall jobs could be cut, less trash pick up, down to once a week, and even possibly losing the Forest Park Rangers! [Read More]