St. Louis City is About to Get $10 Million Dollars More Crappy

With the city looking at a roughly $10 Million dollar deficit this year, it’s plans are to ask all departments to cough up some money. Sure maybe spend a little less on the constant road work, but not the police right? This city is already a freaking joke with violent crimes and theft, they wouldn’t be dumb enough to try and take money away from the thing that can fix the #1 issue with this city…would they? (emphasis added)

To balance the budget this year, the city can refinance civil court debt, collect fees owed by the city water division, cut $1.5 million citywide and ask the police department to return $2 million already promised.

F*cking. Weak. Time to teach your children the accent art of  Nunchuckery. They’re going to need it on the mean streets of the midwestern Goham City.

So who’s fault is this whole $10 Million in debt thing? Several Alderman blame the Fire Department:

“Every year since I’ve been here, the fire department spends more than allocated,” said 22nd Ward Alderman Jeffrey Boyd. “It just has to stop.”

“Can we pass an ordinance to stop the fire department from overspending without coming back to us?” asked 11th Ward Alderman Matt Villa.

“That money’s got to come from somewhere,” said 8th Ward Alderman Steve Conway, chair of the committee. “They have to come and ask us for it.”

Here’s hoping that one of the 100+ murders we have had this year is inspiring some guy to be Batman because that’s the kind of low public budget idea that might have any impact on our city.

Anything you’d like to add about your crime-ridden and debt-laden city Mayor Slay?

Hmm, don’t blame the cold. We wouldn’t rule out the “choking on your crappiness” diagnosis.

via STLToday