Lambert Airport Adds New Art to Take Your Mind off of the Naked Pictures They Just Took of You

Next spring, Lambert Airport will install two art pieces in both the A and C concourses consisting of a series of glass panels. Here’s hoping some pink glass will make you smile after you just refused the invasive naked scanners and were thusly molested by a short sweaty fat guy with an attitude in a uniform two times too small.

“The nine art glass screens will make a bold statement and have a very strong visual presence,” McGuire said.

These nine pieces of colored glass are not to be confused with the two-way mirrors in the office where they take you to be detained because you wouldn’t take your socks off or let a TSA officer frisk your 3-year-old child.

Now that we mention it, the security checkpoints is probably where they should be putting the most art. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just look over at a mural of clouds, rolling green hills and people flying happily to their destination, taking your mind off the winged metal tube full of rape victims you’ll be swished in to with no food or drink for the next two hours while the only movie choice is Daddy Day Camp.

via STLToday