Great Moments in Native St. Louisan History: Akon Throws a Dude Off-Stage

St. Louis has a rich tradition of fine people hailing from our city, sloppy with “midwestern values” they move out in to other cities always carrying with them the badge of “St. Louis Native”. We don’t think some of these people get enough credit, so we, from time to time, will honor these fine individuals reaching for the stars.

Today’s feature? Rapper and St. Louis native Akon.

It was over 3 years ago when perma-angry rapper and native St. Louisan (born in St. Louis, and raised in Dakar and Senegal), Akon took the stage at Dutchess Stadium. During a stirring monologue about culture, chicks and saying “you know” a bunch of times, a 15 year old kid threw something at Akon, who demanded the kid be pointed out so that a security guard could fetch him. Once brought on stage and the removal of his shirt and all jewelry, or “ice” as it’s sometimes called, Akon picked up the kid and threw him off stage, quickly returning to his soliloquy.

It made for one hell of a YouTube video and surely helped Akon keep his badboy rep, but the thing about tossing 15 year-old white kids is that what goes up, must come down…specifically he came down on Abby Rosa, giving her a concussion to take home from the concert.

This wasn’t the only Akon issue in 2007, he also dry-humped a girl on stage that was later found to be 15.

Akon: One native St. Louisan that loves to touch 15 year olds.

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