Tonight: Kyle Turley at Blueberry Hill

Need something to do tonight? Want to show your friends how brave you are? Well come on down to the Loop (No, not the “shooty” side of The Loop, the other side!) and hang with ex-Ram, current Drew Brees fan club president and friend of the site Kyle Turley. Here’s the scoop from Gridiron Records: Kyle makes his return to St. Louis after opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd at The Family Arena last June. [Read More]

Lil Wayne Busted His Head at a St. Louis Skate Park Last Night

Lil Wayne played the St. Louis portion of his tour last night and according to his Twitter, he took off for a local skate park right after the show, which is actually pretty damn cool. He’s not very good though, and busted the hell out of his head proving once again that dreads and metal teeth aren’t as protective as they might appear. The important part of all of this is that he “luvs” us…granted he hit his head pretty hard so that might have been a factor, but we’ll take it! [Read More]

Rain Washes Away Sunday Concerts at Fair St. Louis

We aren’t just “America” here in St. Louis, we’re Middle America, the “Heartland”, right in the center! If someone would to motorboat lady America’s giant boobs, their nose would be rubbing St. Louis. As such, we love the Fourth of July and all the crap that comes with it: funnel cakes, tank tops, cut off jean shorts, washed up 90s bands playing loudly, and fireworks. Oh and if you think our patriotism is as fleeting as our love/hate relationship with Cardinal relief pitchers, it’s not! [Read More]

In Tall Buildings at The Firebird

Last Friday, the 22nd, while the rest of you were cowering in your homes because thunder is scary, our intrepid man about town, The Paparazzo, took in a show at The Firebird. The show featured the Chicago-based band “In Tall Buildings”, but our guy says the whole show was great. You can see the full photo spread on The Paparazzo’s flickr set, and as for the headliners, you can download two free songs (which are both pretty great). [Read More]

Jim Edmonds 15 Steakhouse Learns What a Difference a Letter Can Make

People around town have been getting the following email… From: Jim Edmonds’ F15teen Steakhouse Subject: Free Luxury Ride to the Guns N’ Roses Concert OMG the band that the 80’s left behind, Guns ‘n Roses are coming to town! Didn’t you hear? It must have been huge news considering the last time they took the stage here there was a “tussle” of some type (it was kinda big news)! It was everywhere right? [Read More]

Updated: Eyewitness of Kiddie Crowd Surfing at Aquabats Show Defends Band

Earlier this week we mentioned the “kiddie crowd surfing” at the recent Aquabats show and the minor turmoil it caused, but an eye-witness quickly responded via our Facebook page to defend the band: I was at this show. I have crowd surfed in my past. I can tell you right now that the kid was in no harm what so ever. Everyone in the crowd was ready to catch him, and you could see that he loved every minute of it. [Read More]

Kiddie Crowd Surfing at Aquabats Show

“Blake’s dad, can I throw your son in to the audience?”

Despite it appears from the shots above that this is the first step in a ritual human child sacrifice, no one was hurt, and it all ended up ok…but geez, even we cringed a little seeing the Aquabats front man throw progressively younger kids in to a sea of strangers during Sunday night’s show at the Pageant.

(Full YouTube video embedding after the jump.)

Hat tip to our commenter for the heads up!

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Great Moments in Native St. Louisan History: Akon Throws a Dude Off-Stage

St. Louis has a rich tradition of fine people hailing from our city, sloppy with “midwestern values” they move out in to other cities always carrying with them the badge of “St. Louis Native”. We don’t think some of these people get enough credit, so we, from time to time, will honor these fine individuals reaching for the stars. Today’s feature? Rapper and St. Louis native Akon. It was over 3 years ago when perma-angry rapper and native St. [Read More]
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U2 is Coming to Busch Stadium

Hello St. Louis! Are you ready to rock?! Mega-band U2 has been booked for a July 17th, 2011 appearance at our very own Busch Stadium! Announced Monday afternoon, the Cardinals are bringing the bands “360 Tour” and its musical spectacle packed in 120 semi trucks to the Busch Stadium field. Take the largest stage and tour production in history, one of the greatest bands of all time with three decades of hits, add the world class Busch Stadium, and you have the formula for an evening you’ll never forget. [Read More]