Kyle Turley’s Evil Drummer Scared Us at the Old Rock House

As promised, we came to go hang out with former Ram and current friend-of-the-site Kyle Turley at his band’s show Sunday afternoon at the Old Rock House. Here are the details along with a few photos:

Turley’s band, the aptly named Kyle Turley Band put on a good show, in that still defiant Turley style, to a solid crowd consisting of both Chiefs and Rams fans.

Yes, Turley’s is firmly in the “country” category, and there are many that would shy away from that genre (us included), but don’t worry, there is still a strong metal coursing through the set as well as his bandmates. Check out his scary-faced drummer!

Tell us a face like that isn’t metal! That dude is looking for your soul and he is going to eat that shit when he finds it.

When we weren’t scared by the dummer, we were having a good time though. If you didn’t show up, you missed a good show…oh and that drummer is looking for you.