Tonight: Kyle Turley at Blueberry Hill

Need something to do tonight? Want to show your friends how brave you are? Well come on down to the Loop (No, not the “shooty” side of The Loop, the other side!) and hang with ex-Ram, current Drew Brees fan club president and friend of the site Kyle Turley. Here’s the scoop from Gridiron Records: Kyle makes his return to St. Louis after opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd at The Family Arena last June. [Read More]

Kyle Turley on Weed: “That Would be the One Bob.”

A recent Washington University School of Medicine study discussed the use, or rather misuse, of painkillers by current and former NFL players. The study, commissioned by ESPN’s Outside the Lines, found that 52 percent of former players used prescription pain meds during their active days, and 15 percent of that group admitted to misusing drugs in the last month. “That’s a very large number in a population that, at that age, we wouldn’t expect to see much use of these substances at all,” Compton said. [Read More]

The Kyle Turley Band at Old Rock House This Sunday

Friend-of-the-site, former St. Louis Ram and current country music artist, Kyle Turley will be making a stop in St. Louis Sunday to play at the Old Rock House after two of his former teams go at it in the Edward Jones Dome, which by the way is officially no longer the worst NFL dome, so big congrats there for the Rams! Congrats are also in order for the Kyle Turley Band as rumor has it that our editor will be out at the show personally taking some photos and giving out stickers. [Read More]

Kyle Turley Has the Last Word on Poopstock

Lets be honest, we’ve called Kings of Leon all kinds of fun things in the last few days after their now infamous pouting scene after getting pooped on made its way around the globe. Nothing too bad though, just light hearted jokes. 7/24 – They’re giant pussies. 7/24 – Jesus these guys are freaking retarded. 7/24 – Congratulations, you just outted yourself to even your most die-hard fans that you are no more “rock” than Hanna Montana. [Read More]

Kyle Turley Talks to Punching Kitty About Music and Brain Injuries

Kyle Turley Talks to Punching Kitty About Music and Brain Injuries
Kyle Turley was traded to the St. Louis Rams in March of 2003, which seemed to set in to motion a series of crazy crap for Turley: injuries, a battle with then head coach Mike Martz and then more injuries that resulted in him leaving the Rams and having a short stint with the cross-state Chiefs. What’s Turley up to now though? Music. Country music. Good country music. [Editor’s Note: You have no idea how hard that was for us to write that! [Read More]