Kyle Turley Talks to Punching Kitty About Music and Brain Injuries

DSC_0374_croppedKyle Turley was traded to the St. Louis Rams in March of 2003, which seemed to set in to motion a series of crazy crap for Turley: injuries, a battle with then head coach Mike Martz and then more injuries that resulted in him leaving the Rams and having a short stint with the cross-state Chiefs.

What’s Turley up to now though?  Music.  Country music.  Good country music.  [Editor’s Note: You have no idea how hard that was for us to write that!]

We caught up with Turley to talk about his music, and what else he is doing these days.

Punching Kitty: We aren’t country fans by any stretch, but we have to admit, your new stuff is great.  In particular, the song “Flying Helmets” [Editor’s Note: If you don’t get the title, watch this.]

Kyle Turley: Thanks brother!…I’m glad you dig it, I’m just trying to make music that represents me all around. My influences growing up were pretty wide ranged, from Jonny Cash to Slayer. I’m not really trying to copy anybody with my album, it’s just me is all I can say. The songs up on my myspace now are a good representaion of what is to come with my full CD but I have been working my ass off and playing alot around Nashville and the influences keep coming with all the talent here. I can tell though that the songs to come on the full length are going to wake some people up.

PK: The song “Flying Helmets” is going to get some people talking for sure.  You even drop the f-bomb on Mike Martz! (Listen to the song, in its entirety below!)

KT: The title of my album is ‘Anger Management’ ( they made me go to it after I threw that guy’s helmet) and I have alot to get off my chest from the crazy life I was able to live being in the NFL. My music is about real issues dealing with real people and situations life has delt me both good and bad but just a whole lot of truth and a bit of wisdom I gained along the way. Music is the best form of anger management I could have ever prescribed for myself…

PK: Anything else you want to let people know about?

KT: I am donating 100% of download sales of my song ‘Final Drive’ to, it’s about a bit of my own life but I wrote it about all the guys who have suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury from contact sports and the Military.

Thanks to Kyle Turley for taking the time to talk with us, but a screw you also goes to Turley for actually making a non-crap country song and no longer letting me say “I hate country.  Its all crap.”

You can listen to the full song “Flying Helmets” in the video below.