Sound Familiar? Kings of Leon Leave Dallas Concert Early

Poopstock making a stop in Dallas? Not quite, but Dallas was treated to another classic performance by St. Louis’ favorite shitty band, Kings of Leon! Kings of Leon cut short a concert in Dallas last night, when frontman Caleb Followill suddenly told the audience his voice was “100% wrong” and that he felt too hot as temperatures reached the 90s. In a rambling speech, he said he would go backstage to vomit and drink a beer, then return to play three more songs. [Read More]

Kings of Leon Came Back to St. Louis

The last time faux-rock group Kings of Leon appeared in St. Louis they played three songs, got shit-faced…whoops, I mean shit on, and then left in a huff whining about anything and everything. Here’s what we said at the time: Jesus these guys are freaking retarded. You too big of a star to just move your little corporate-emo bitch ass 2 feet to the left? Also, you’re a bassist…close your mouth. [Read More]

Poopstock: Kings of Leon Announce PR-Fixing Concert

Yes, its old news now, but power-emo band Kings of Leon, the band now famous for quitting on their St. Louis audience last month because of excessive bird poopy, is planning their return to St. Louis and, interestingly, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. “As soon as what happened happened, we knew we were going to come back,” Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill said. “We knew (leaving) would be horrible, and we knew people were not going to be happy. [Read More]

Kyle Turley Has the Last Word on Poopstock

Lets be honest, we’ve called Kings of Leon all kinds of fun things in the last few days after their now infamous pouting scene after getting pooped on made its way around the globe. Nothing too bad though, just light hearted jokes. 7/24 – They’re giant pussies. 7/24 – Jesus these guys are freaking retarded. 7/24 – Congratulations, you just outted yourself to even your most die-hard fans that you are no more “rock” than Hanna Montana. [Read More]

Poopstock: Coverage Round Up

An update on what we’ve coined as “Poopstock“… In case you missed it, the (bird) shit hit the fan in St. Louis over the weekend when rock band Kings of Leon bolted from their show 3 songs deep because a bird pooped on them. Apparently the taste of bird shit was too much to handle despite the fact that they’ve been feeding us shitty songs for some time now. [Read More]

Translating Kings of Leon’s Poopstock Memo

Pigeon Infestation Forces Kings of Leon Offstage Early in St. Louis. An infestation of pigeons living in the rafters of the Verizon Amphitheatre in St. Louis, MO, forced the Kings of Leon to walk offstage after three songs last night. Even though opening bands The Postelles and The Stills came offstage complaining of getting riddled with large amounts of pigeon excrement, the Kings of Leon decided to carry on regardless. [Read More]

Because a Bird Shit on Kings of Leon, They Shit on Their St. Louis Fans

Now with press release update! (see below) We always thought their music was shitty… Three songs in to their show at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Friday night, Kings of Leon left the stage and their manager came out to announce that the show was over. It was being cancelled due to a safety issue “beyond their control” and there was no choice in the matter. As the crowd chanted “Bullshit! Bullshit! [Read More]

Kings of Leon Are a Bunch of Little Bitches

Update: See more posts on, what we’re calling, “Poopstock” here. We’re hearing a lot of anger towards over-rated band Kings of Leon that was scheduled to appear at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater tonight but quickly canceled their own show after only three songs. The reason for stoping the show short? “Band safety” aka “F*ck you St. Louis Kings of Leon fans.” So what’s the real story? We’re still trying to find out all the details, but one could piece a lot of the action together by following the chatter on Twitter: [Read More]