We Made St. Louis Magazine’s 2011 A-List

Check out the July issue of St. Louis Magazine, the one with a Ted Drewes cup on the cover, flip to page 79, give yourself a second to read about John Hamm on the previous page, then look slightly right…a little more right…now look up…check us out yo! A-List! Right there next to Erin Bode, who’s photo looks like they really cropped tightly, removing the full shoot where we’re towering over her with our shirt off and rocking some skin-tight cutt-off jeans shorts, as she looks right in to our crotch. [Read More]

Virginia Kerr is a Good Sport

To the winners go the spoils…assuming the winners is us being selected as the Best Local Celebrity Blog by the RFT and spoils mean being discussed on KMOV’s Great Day St. Louis. They get to us at the end, and we didn’t get a screen shot because we used naughty language in our post earlier today. Oh well. The important thing is that Virginia Kerr is a good sport! We don’t particularly care if our “targets” don’t get the joke, but it sure is nice when they do. [Read More]

Thanks RFT: We’re the Best “Local Celebrity Site”

We want to thank the Riverfront Times for selecting us as the “Best Local Celebrity Site” in their Web Awards! Hell, we even made the cover (That’s us above with or logo look-a-like cat.) We mentioned before we had made the list of finalists, but here’s what the judges had to say on our selection: This is the only nominee that has daily updates and includes “celebrities” with some kind of tie to St. [Read More]

Poopstock: Coverage Round Up

An update on what we’ve coined as “Poopstock“… In case you missed it, the (bird) shit hit the fan in St. Louis over the weekend when rock band Kings of Leon bolted from their show 3 songs deep because a bird pooped on them. Apparently the taste of bird shit was too much to handle despite the fact that they’ve been feeding us shitty songs for some time now. [Read More]