Poopstock: Coverage Round Up

An update on what we’ve coined as “Poopstock“…

In case you missed it, the (bird) shit hit the fan in St. Louis over the weekend when rock band Kings of Leon bolted from their show 3 songs deep because a bird pooped on them. Apparently the taste of bird shit was too much to handle despite the fact that they’ve been feeding us shitty songs for some time now.

The story got lots of coverage here in St. Louis over the weekend and now its getting national attention. Fingers crossed for Kings of Leon about that whole “any press is good press” thing.

Lets count the times the author used a “shitty” pun for their title. (meta joke!)

Our Coverage:

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Local Coverage:

KSDK: Kings of Leon concert halted early in set

Riverfront Times: Kings of Leon Cancels Its St. Louis Show After Playing Three Songs Because of Bird Shit

STLToday: Kings of Leon issue statement on pigeons at Verizon concert

ReviewSTL: Kings of Leon Cancels St. Louis Show After 3 Songs, Says “It’s The F**cking Venues Fault”

National Coverage:

Reuters: Kings of Leon Abandon U.S. Concert Due to Pigeon Poop

CNN: Birds force Kings of Leon from St. Louis stage

KROQ: Kings Of Leon Vs. “Large Amounts Of Excrement”

Consequence of Sound: Kings of Leon cancel shitty St. Louis performance

Billboard.com: Kings Of Leon Concert Cut By Pigeon Poop

Socialite Life: Kings Of Leon’s Shitty Concert

Perez Hilton: Pigeon Crap Scares Kings Of Leon Off Stage!!

Evil Beet Gossip: The Most Hilarious Concert Ever Happened Friday Night