Rams and Terrell Owens: Getting Desperate Already?

According to ESPN, our, last in the league but first in your hearts, St. Louis Rams are interested in signing general dick-head wide receiver Terrell Owens.

The Rams asked Owens through his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, if he would consider a serious contract proposal, even though they are not considered a playoff contender. Rosenhaus told the team Owens would definitely consider it, sources said.

One source said the Rams have gotten very aggressive in their pursuit of Owens and it’s possible that Owens will sign with the Rams or Bengals within the next 48 to 72 hours.

As a gossip site we can’t wait for this to happen! T.O. is pure crazy and with the added press on the Rams this year because of 1st overall pick Sam Bradford, something post-worthy will be bound to happen at least weekly. As a football fan though, this doesn’t make a lot of sense. Bernie Miklasz agrees:

Let me get this straight: Spagnuolo, who strives to have a quiet, controversy-free working environment and a unified and unselfish team, is thinking about bringing in a reality TV-show star with a craving for attention?

It’s not as if the Rams are a couple of players away from becoming a contender.

So what would be the point of this? Selling tickets? Maybe. But adding Owens would also create a backlash. The Rams could lose customers because of him.

If the Rams brass are indeed wanting T.O. to play here it doesn’t bode well for the intelligence of this staff. I makes them seem desperate. Were they told they need to hit a win-mark to keep their jobs next year? I doubt it, but man moves like this makes it seem that way.

This “desperate” theme goes for T.O. too…why on earth would he want to sign with a team going to win a max of 4 games? Unless no one else wants him I don’t understa…oh. No one else does want him.

This T.O. / Rams thing is like the two fat kids at school that stopped trying to date the popular kids, just get together, get married and eat cookies in bed forever.

via ESPN and STLToday