We Made St. Louis Magazine’s 2011 A-List

Check out the July issue of St. Louis Magazine, the one with a Ted Drewes cup on the cover, flip to page 79, give yourself a second to read about John Hamm on the previous page, then look slightly right…a little more right…now look up…check us out yo! A-List! Right there next to Erin Bode, who’s photo looks like they really cropped tightly, removing the full shoot where we’re towering over her with our shirt off and rocking some skin-tight cutt-off jeans shorts, as she looks right in to our crotch. Damn shame. Trust us though, that shit’s for real!


We haven’t mentioned it yet, and the only reason is because we’ve been busy, we forget stuff all the time, and we’re total dicks and don’t even say thanks to people that think we’re awesome. Sorry about that St. Louis Magazine! Anyway, their A-List party is going down Thursday night at Maryland Plaza, and it looks like it should be a good time. We’d love to attend, but we can’t for various reasons, like how we like to work this sexy mysterious thing (shut up people that know us), oh and we made a promise to ourselves a long time ago: Don’t attend anything with a theme song by Will.I.Am. We’re sorry, but it’s a matter of principal and we hope everyone understands.

Also, be sure to check out the much longer interview I did with them a few months back for their website: “Coming Out Swinging: Punching Kitty’s Mike Flynn