St. Louis is Home to the Only People That Actually Wanted to Get in a Radio Shack

Ever been to a Radio Shack? No? Well don’t bother. They’re empty little stores filled with horrible cell phones, overly expensive cables and little portable black and white TVs that are totally pointless, unless you like watching Mr. Bean reruns on PBS through a haze of static on a 2.5-inch screen. No one wants to go in to a Radio Shack…well, almost no one.

The target of the vandals was the Radio Shack store in the 3500 block of Hampton Avenue near Potomac Street.  The bandits smashed windows in the store front around 1:15 Friday morning, then looted the business taking electronics and various components before fleeing in a vehicle.

Patrol officers spotted the vehicle a short time later near I-44 and Hampton and gave chase, following the car into north St. Louis where the alleged culprits abandoned the vehicle and ran into a nearby residence.

First off, show of hands on who was surprised they fled to North St. Louis? Yup, we aren’t either.

Radio Shack responded to the crime by releasing the following statement to Punching Kitty: “While we certainly don’t approve of the theft of one of our St. Louis-area establishments or the damage it left in it’s wake, we want to stress to the police and the suspects that you don’t necessarily have to just bring back the merchandise. Maybe you could just pay for it instead and enjoy our fine products while in prison, like that $14 dollar headphone jack splitter or the $50 HDMI cable (with gold tips!). Look we know the deal here, but it would be really helping us out if we made a sale. You didn’t even have to smash anything, you could have just asked and we would have opened the store late (we haven’t heard that door chime thing go off in months…we’re not even sure if it works) and let you in to buy stuff! Buy one thing and we’d look the other way on the other stuff. Seriously, it would be huge for us to make a sale…and a friend. Charges dropped if you just sign up for a 2-year contract on AT&T with a new Pantech phone!”

via KSDK