Thanks RFT: We’re the Best “Local Celebrity Site”

We want to thank the Riverfront Times for selecting us as the “Best Local Celebrity Site” in their Web Awards! Hell, we even made the cover (That’s us above with or logo look-a-like cat.)

We mentioned before we had made the list of finalists, but here’s what the judges had to say on our selection:

This is the only nominee that has daily updates and includes “celebrities” with some kind of tie to St. Louis.

We’re honored to be selected by default, a win’s a win. Thankfully it gets more flattering as they continued:

Its post about KMOV-TV (Channel 4) morning news anchor Virginia Kerr tweeting her birth was one of the funniest reads of the year. Author Mike Flynn has a deliciously cynical sense of humor. He’s a truly prolific and creative blogger who does it all, amazingly, in his spare time.

We just want to thank the Riverfront Times, all of our awesome and sexy as hell readers, anyone we’ve ever made fun of, and jesus I guess. Seems like that’s the thing to do when you win stuff.