Virginia Kerr is a Good Sport

To the winners go the spoils…assuming the winners is us being selected as the Best Local Celebrity Blog by the RFT and spoils mean being discussed on KMOV’s Great Day St. Louis. They get to us at the end, and we didn’t get a screen shot because we used naughty language in our post earlier today. Oh well. The important thing is that Virginia Kerr is a good sport! We don’t particularly care if our “targets” don’t get the joke, but it sure is nice when they do. [Read More]

KMOV’s Virginia Kerr Had Her Baby, Told Twitter ALL About It

The great thing about Twitter is that if you ever want to know how dilated your local morning news anchor’s sniz is while she’s going through labor, you can know. We live in the future. Where’s our god-dammed hoverboard?! Starting with: “This [sic] it! I’m in labor, people!” KMOV morning anchor and resident cutie, Virginia Kerr started the process of labor and a steady stream of tweets up until a few moments before she pooped out her baby boy. [Read More]

Virginia Kerr is Still Cute as a Button While Preggers

KMOV morning cutie Virginia Kerr was opining about stretchmark prevention on a “mommy blog” recently: Two more weeks until the third trimester! I’m so excited, I think I may have to celebrate that day with ice cream! BUT it also makes me worry stretch marks are right around the corner. So far, so good but I’ve been reading women get them as late as three days before they give birth. [Read More]

Virginia Kerr’s Hot Reporter Competition: Fox2’s April Simpson

Virginia Kerr’s Hot Reporter Competition: Fox2’s April Simpson
Watch out Virginia Kerr, your spot at the top of the “cute TV news reporter” food chain might just be in trouble. Yes, Kerr still has the KMOV crowd on lock, but the overall title isn’t quite the blowout it once was and what some people think it still is. We always knew April Simpson from KTVI Fox2 was cute, but after her Twitter picture (below) flashed across our desktop the other day betwixt the other updates of the day, we might have mentally broken up with Kerr and moved to Team Simpson. [Read More]