It’s Really Hot in St. Louis…Here’s How Hot

Editor’s Note: Here’s another great bit from guest contributor Lance (see his previous work here) If you have any interest in guest authoring a post here, drop me a line at It’s hot in St. Louis. Real hot. How hot? It’s so hot that: Forest Park has been renamed Savannah Park Talk 97.1 is airing a special on the dangers of Global Warming The Penguin & Puffin Coast attraction at the zoo is now a fried chicken stand [Read More]

Virginia Kerr’s Hot Reporter Competition: Fox2’s April Simpson

Watch out Virginia Kerr, your spot at the top of the “cute TV news reporter” food chain might just be in trouble. Yes, Kerr still has the KMOV crowd on lock, but the overall title isn’t quite the blowout it once was and what some people think it still is. We always knew April Simpson from KTVI Fox2 was cute, but after her Twitter picture (below) flashed across our desktop the other day betwixt the other updates of the day, we might have mentally broken up with Kerr and moved to Team Simpson. [Read More]