Dude. WTF?!

I have no idea where Lexington, Missouri is and frankly I don’t want to know because a family was recently arrested there and…well…tell ’em block quote:

Burrell Jr. of Independence, his three brothers, his father and an uncle have all been arrested. Their alleged victims have made allegations of years of rape and incest,


[…] including mock weddings

Awww, dude.

[…] and claims that children were forced to kill a 300-pound man who had been kidnapped


[…] and that a sex slave was confined in a crawl space.

Eh…can’t fault them there. I’m not sure where else you would put a sex slave.

Holy sh*t. That has got to be the most F-ed up family ever.  Look, lets not be naive, “rape and incest” happen enough in families, its not news…mock weddings though?  That’s like the rape version of twisting the knife.  Not only am I going to rape you, but we have to pretend like we are getting married first so you have to think about how I’m going to rape you while we do this imaginary wedding and then, I would assume, an imaginary reception.

I bet that father-daughter dance was awkward as hell!

via Globe Democrat