A Former Miss Missouri Married Tony Romo

Unemployed Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has drug the pineapple through quite a number of ladies. First he got Jessica Simpsonon her way down from being hot and famous, then he snagged Carrie Underwoodon the way up, but now he’s decided the only goal line he wants to eternally scramble for belongs to is former 2008 Miss Missouri and Mizzou alum, Candice Crawford. (Here’s hoping we are the first site to make a football metaphor for her vagina! [Read More]

Dude. WTF?!

I have no idea where Lexington, Missouri is and frankly I don’t want to know because a family was recently arrested there and…well…tell ’em block quote: Burrell Jr. of Independence, his three brothers, his father and an uncle have all been arrested. Their alleged victims have made allegations of years of rape and incest, Dude. […] including mock weddings Awww, dude. […] and claims that children were forced to kill a 300-pound man who had been kidnapped [Read More]

Rams Backup QB Kyle Boller Married That Pretty Moron

Remember the second string Rams QB that came in for Marc Bulger this year and did about as good? No? Well do you remember that hot moron that mistook the Miss America pageant as Larry King Live and decided to tell the world that one dude and another dude shouldn’t get married because apparently that actually effect her in some way. Also, she’s hot, so because of that she has some valid points. [Read More]

More “Who Cares?” News From KSDK’s Leisa Zigman: Wedding Day Flub

Of course you want your wedding day to be perfect, but guess what? Not gonna happen. Everyone has something weird or crappy happen. Admittedly, some are worse off than others, but its always something. For instance our first whirlwind marriage with super model Heidi Klum (Don’t ask her about. She’ll pretend like she won’t know what you are talking about.) was totally ruined when I was arrested outside her, I mean our, bathroom window for just standing there with a locket of my future wife’s hair and all those photos of us…well they are just of her, but someone has to take the photo, with the telephoto lens, from my van. [Read More]