Shaq Proposed to His Girlfriend in St. Louis

We’re a little late to the party on this one, but according to the Post Dispatch‘s Deb “Every Once in a While I Write Something Interesting” Peterson, Shaq, after being in town for Pujols’ charity kegger (Crazy night! Right Danny Mac?!) he proposed to his girlfriend right here in old St. Louis! After leaving the mother of your children and wife of seven years though, you can’t date and marry just anyone. [Read More]

Rams Backup QB Kyle Boller Married That Pretty Moron

Remember the second string Rams QB that came in for Marc Bulger this year and did about as good? No? Well do you remember that hot moron that mistook the Miss America pageant as Larry King Live and decided to tell the world that one dude and another dude shouldn’t get married because apparently that actually effect her in some way. Also, she’s hot, so because of that she has some valid points. [Read More]

STL Craigslist: I’m Sorry and a Marriage Demand

The fun never stops over at the St. Louis corner of everyone’s favorite hooker directory, Craigslist. We start off the week with two interesting Missed Connections. The common thread? Fellas demonstrating some interesting techniques with the ladies… Mekong, 3am, I pushed you off the booth – m4w (Mekong) I just wanted to say “that I am so sorry”. I didnt mean to push you off the booth last night. I felt like such an ass. [Read More]