Shaq Not Engaged, Deb Peterson Still Horrible

Looks like Hoopz didn’t get a ring in St. Louis after all! The site got what we couldn’t: A response from Shaq’s people about his possible engagement in St. Louis a few weekends ago (“Shaq Proposed to His Girlfriend in St. Louis“): Gossip Cop reached out to O’Neal’s rep, who told us the engagement rumors are “not accurate.” Repeat: He is not engaged. When asked for a comment, the Post-Dispatch writer noted that she “did not say he’s engaged,” but simply shared what the restaurant owner thought he witnessed. [Read More]

Shaq Proposed to His Girlfriend in St. Louis

We’re a little late to the party on this one, but according to the Post Dispatch‘s Deb “Every Once in a While I Write Something Interesting” Peterson, Shaq, after being in town for Pujols’ charity kegger (Crazy night! Right Danny Mac?!) he proposed to his girlfriend right here in old St. Louis! After leaving the mother of your children and wife of seven years though, you can’t date and marry just anyone. [Read More]