Shaq Proposed to His Girlfriend in St. Louis

We’re a little late to the party on this one, but according to the Post Dispatch‘s Deb “Every Once in a While I Write Something Interesting” Peterson, Shaq, after being in town for Pujols’ charity kegger (Crazy night! Right Danny Mac?!) he proposed to his girlfriend right here in old St. Louis!

After leaving the mother of your children and wife of seven years though, you can’t date and marry just anyone. You’re Shaq for christ sakes! What you need is a skanky chick that used to slobber over a crusty older celebrity…like maybe Flavor-Flav. For reals. Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, known for being the winner of VH1’s “Flavor of Love,” has been dating Shaq for “a few months” now.  The old and new boyfriends are on good terms though. Word is that after Shaq and Hoopz’ magical wedding night is all just a stain, ‘Flav has plans to live in the newly hollowed out part of Hoopz. It will be like Webster hiding in that dumbwaiter. So cute!

Who knows why Shaq picked the time and place he did for his proposal, but there must have been magic in the air last weekend at the “Sahara Mediterrnean Cuisine and Hooka Lounge” in Bridgeton.

Owner Sam David said he and his wife, Majdolin David, were about to close up when the unmistakable Shaq showed up with a party of four – three women and another man.

“I think he may have proposed to his girlfriend,” Sam David said today. “He brought a chair into the middle of the dance floor and he put a ring on her finger.”

Good sleuthing. By the way, this is why people hate reading Peterson, who cares the name of the wife of the guy that owns the Sahara Lounge? It adds nothing to the story. There’s absolutely zero point in adding things like that. Just stick to the freaking point and know when your story is over!

Also, no news yet on my E-Harmony reinstatement. Apparently my posts about cutting “fatty” in to my arm every time I’m rejected is too real for Community Relations Director Sarah Littleton.