Dan McLaughlin Busted For Drunk Driving Again

Everyone’s “favorite” Cardinals broadcaster, Dan McLauglin, was busted for drinking and driving again Sunday night. This time after crashing his car in a single car accident in Chesterfield. Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin has been cited for drunken driving for a second time after a stop by Chesterfield police on Sunday. Police said McLaughlin, 37, was stopped at 10:13 p.m. on Baxter Road and Isleview Drive after he crashed his vehicle. No other vehicle was involved, police say, but they declined to elaborate. [Read More]

Dan McLaughlin Pleads Guilty to DUI Charge

The man behind the best St. Louis-related mugshot since Ozzy Osbourne was arrested rocking a Blues jersey, Cardinal’s TV broadcaster Dan McLaughlin, has plead guilty to the DUI charge he earned back in August. McLaughlin, 36, has completed community service and will serve two years’ probation in the case, said his lawyer Jim Towey. As part of the plea deal, the state will not revoke McLaughlin’s license. Shortly after his arrest, the court issued a stay order, which means McLaughlin was allowed to drive while the case was pending. [Read More]

Get Your 2010 St. Louis Themed Halloween Costumes Right Here

We gotta say St. Louis, we didn’t see many interesting costumes running around last Halloween. Sure there were the staples of Sexy Cat, Sexy Nurse, Sexy Bus Driver, Sexy Lunch Lady, Heath Ledger Joker… It’s not that we don’t like the “sexy” costumes…we love them! Keep it up ladies, you actually did pretty damn well last year. You keep on smushing up your boobs in to that nurse outfit, and us guys will keep drinking to help make the second teir ladies look first-string by 2am. [Read More]

Apparently People Don’t Like Dan McLaughlin

From the moment we posted about Dan McLaughlin this morning, we’ve been hearing report after report from all over about how lots and lots of people don’t like old “Danny Mac”. Lots of people are, dare we say, happy about this little traffic stop and following mug shot. …and then we got this thrown our way: The fact that someone took the time to make and circulate this says a lot. [Read More]

Dan McLaughlin Gets Busted For Drinky Drinky Drivey Drivey

Update: Now with 100% more awesome mugshot action! Yeah, he looked really sober. Probably not guilty. He looks like Jack Nicholson’s drunk chubby little brother. You see the key to looking sober is to cross your eyes and give the camera a creepy sly smile. This may be the greatest St. Louis mugshot since Ozzy Osbourne. Original post below… Dan McLaughlin, Cardinals TV broadcaster on Fox Sports Midwest, was pulled over and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving Monday night after refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test. [Read More]

St. Charles County Ambulance Board Members Know How to Party

Dan McLaughlin (right) is quite the St. Charles County Ambulance Board Member. For one, he shares the name of the Cardinals TV broadcaster. For two, he looks like Jack Nicholson’s love child with Eddie Munster. For three, this one time he got drunk and drove around in his car. For four, this other time he got drunk and drove around in his car. For five, this other other time, he got drunk and drove around in his car. [Read More]