St. Charles County Ambulance Board Members Know How to Party

STG17240.gifDan McLaughlin (right) is quite the St. Charles County Ambulance Board Member.

For one, he shares the name of the Cardinals TV broadcaster.

For two, he looks like Jack Nicholson’s love child with Eddie Munster.

For three, this one time he got drunk and drove around in his car.

For four, this other time he got drunk and drove around in his car.

For five, this other other time, he got drunk and drove around in his car.

Oh yeah, thats three DUIs!   Guess who thinks thats not cool for an elected official?  His opponents!

Veteran board member Michael Garman said Wednesday he will call for McLaughlin’s resignation because of a guilty plea for impaired driving in Michigan in 1998.

Last week Garman said that McLaughlin’s guilty plea in 2002 for drunken driving and a pending DWI case from 2007 were an embarrassment to an agency that regularly preaches sober driving and deals with the aftermath of those who don’t heed the message.

“The third charge within a 10-year period — that’s just not setting the right example,” Garman said Wednesday.

Of course the reply for the McLaughlin camp is the standard “Well, he was elected by the people so suck it.  …Shots!  Lets do shots!” response you would imagine, but we at Punching Kitty do have one little rebuttal:

Dude, no one actually goes to the polls for the big St. Charles County Ambulance Board Member election.  You got on the board because in one of your drunken stupors  you filled out the paperwork, and the people of St. Charles County have no freaking clue who the hell you are.

Its ok, we all do dumb stuff when drunk.  You however, just happen to do a lot more than most, like driving, and getting that short buzz cut with those ears.

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