Dan McLaughlin Busted For Drunk Driving Again

Everyone’s “favorite” Cardinals broadcaster, Dan McLauglin, was busted for drinking and driving again Sunday night. This time after crashing his car in a single car accident in Chesterfield.

Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin has been cited for drunken driving for a second time after a stop by Chesterfield police on Sunday.

Police said McLaughlin, 37, was stopped at 10:13 p.m. on Baxter Road and Isleview Drive after he crashed his vehicle. No other vehicle was involved, police say, but they declined to elaborate.

In case you’re unaware, this is McLaughlin’s second time getting busted for drunk driving and know that those of us that were aware of his prior bust have been having a hell of a time laughing at his August 16th mugshot for the whole year. Seriously it’s amazing.

So how does this edition of the Danny Mac mugshot measure up? It’s good too, but in a different way.

This mugshot is a little more pensive, a little more “Oh shit, how do I talk my fat ass out of two of these?” than the previous one and it’s sun-baked cavalier attitude. In fact, lets really compare them:

See the first one, on the left, has that Jack Nicholson’s Joker-esque look of “Wait till they get a load of me!” [Editor’s Note: Greatly disturbed minds think alike it would seem, eh @MattSebek?] He’s still having a good time, flashing the pearlies. He probably thought the booking sheet was an autograph. Cut to Sunday’s, and you see a definite nervousness there. No smile, sad little head tilt…same exact hair though. Through all of his troubles, the hair stays motionless, like wise old person in movies that just sits there while all hell breaks loose and waits until the very end of the movie to tell us all what we’ve done wrong. At some point we expect Dan’s hair to speak up with sage advice about drinking, the cost of being a local celebrity and the importance of using sun tan lotion. We just hope his hair doesn’t speak up in front of McLaughlin’s colleague Jim Hayes because if that guy finds out something else that his fake hair can’t do, he might lose it.

As for now, McLaughin could be in some double-trouble, because he is still on probation from the first offense. That may not be a big deal for the likes of Lindsay Lohan, but McLaughlin’s not that famous despite the fact that they might share the same bra size.

The latest arrest came while McLaughlin was apparently still on probation for a drunken driving conviction in Chesterfield last year.  In November, McLaughlin was ordered to serve two years probation and complete community service after he pleaded guilty to driving drunk on Aug. 16.

Even if Danny Mac goes to jail, you’ll still be seeing plenty of him around town, because just as he did last time, Danny boy has made his little boo-boo Halloween adjacent. That’s right! It’s back! We bring you the Dan McLaughlin Halloween Mask 2011 Edition!

(click for a larger, printable size)

How will your kids not want to be Dan McLaughlin for Halloween (again)?! They can make references about baseball stuff, have awkward silences with Al Hrabosky or any Hungo Award you have laying around the house, and they can even just take the mask off, take a break, and pretend that Ricky Horton is out getting some candy for them and they’ll be back in a little bit.

Look how cute!

…oh the witch’s outfit? We’re assuming that at some point McLaughlin got drunk enough to wear something like that, so it’s officially part of the costume.

via STLToday and all those nights we prayed to that stain on our ceiling for something this hilarious to happen…twice.

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