Dan McLaughlin Busted For Drunk Driving Again

Everyone’s “favorite” Cardinals broadcaster, Dan McLauglin, was busted for drinking and driving again Sunday night. This time after crashing his car in a single car accident in Chesterfield.

Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin has been cited for drunken driving for a second time after a stop by Chesterfield police on Sunday.

Police said McLaughlin, 37, was stopped at 10:13 p.m. on Baxter Road and Isleview Drive after he crashed his vehicle. No other vehicle was involved, police say, but they declined to elaborate.

In case you’re unaware, this is McLaughlin’s second time getting busted for drunk driving and know that those of us that were aware of his prior bust have been having a hell of a time laughing at his August 16th mugshot for the whole year. Seriously it’s amazing.

So how does this edition of the Danny Mac mugshot measure up? It’s good too, but in a different way.