Holy Balls! The Cardinals are in the Playoffs!

Some how, some way, the Cardinals managed to come back from a 8.5 game lead on September 1st to make it to the playoffs while also letting us enjoy watching the Braves choke away the second largest lead ever in this history of baseball! (Also we hear the Red Sox and Rays had a similar situation. Turn on ESPN to hear all about that.)

So what does the little dirty joke blog do with a news story like this? We don’t have awesome footage from the visitors clubhouse in Houston. We don’t have a lot of player interviews. We can’t get Chipper Jones’ number to prank call him over and over again (we tried). What we can do though is fire up our fancy “Read Your Thoughts-a-mo-tron 273272b393” and point it right at the Cardinals to see what we get (Note: the Read Your Thoughts-a-mo-tron 273272b393 will possibly cause cancer in some people, ass cancer, but it won’t form until you’re at least 40 and what the hell do 1,237 rats anuses know anyway?!)

Stay tuned! We might do a little special live Punching Kitty edition on Saturday during the game if there’s interest.

Photo Credits: ESPN