Dan McLaughlin Busted For Drunk Driving Again

Everyone’s “favorite” Cardinals broadcaster, Dan McLauglin, was busted for drinking and driving again Sunday night. This time after crashing his car in a single car accident in Chesterfield. Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin has been cited for drunken driving for a second time after a stop by Chesterfield police on Sunday. Police said McLaughlin, 37, was stopped at 10:13 p.m. on Baxter Road and Isleview Drive after he crashed his vehicle. No other vehicle was involved, police say, but they declined to elaborate. [Read More]

Prentice Nash: Duck-Faced Killa

Prentice Nash was arrested for the fatal shooting of Wade Finch in a crime that if you closed your eyes and just heard the names you’d swear it was two chubby, rich white kids in sweater vests fighting over a Faberge egg. Investigators believe Nash, whose home is in the 6600 block of Mignon, about a half-mile from the scene, killed Finch during a robbery attempt. Nash is charged with 2nd degree murder, first degree robbery and armed criminal action. [Read More]

Mugshot Quiz: Guess What Your Fellow St. Louisans Did!

We will show you three mugshots from KMOV and its your job to guess what each of them did to get there. We’ll even give you multiple choice!

#1 Michael Church

Yes, he looks like Jesus’ stunt double, but he’s not standing here so his parents can see how much he grew. He’s really here because:

A. Trying to perv out with two young girls.

B. Went crazy after a few bad shrooms at a Phish coverband’s show.

C. Just wanted the life experience of going to jail.

#2 Daniel Jones

Crap. We already used the “Jesus’ stunt double” bit. Um…I don’t know. He scares us.

What did he do?

A. Tried to steal Rob Zombie’s identity.

B. This is actually what happened to Jason LaRue after getting kicked in the head.

C. Weed. Lots and lots of weed.

#3 John Winship

Old guy hair with an old guy mustache, what could old Biff have done to get him here?

A. Beating his wife. Probably because she didn’t tape “The Wheel” or something.

B. Shooting his gun randomly as if he’s never seen those “What goes up…” ads during the Holidays!

C. Man boobs. Well, they should be illegal!

You want answers? Click through the jump for all the sexy back story.

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Links From a Clown

Lets start off Friday with some catching up on some news that while important, we didn’t deem as potentially funny as the “Web Center” and a Rally’s shootout. St. Louis based online retailer w00t.com was sold to Amazon.com. What do you mean you’ve never heard of it?! …you have a tan don’t you? Metro debuts new “trollies” (read: Busses with stickers on them). How does this help that fact that you can take the Metrolink downtown at night, but not back home after the bars close? [Read More]

Marquicio Johnson Makes Last Minute Shot at Mug Shot of the Year

Although he looks like a stand-up gentleman, turns out Marquicio Johnson here likes to beat the crap out of little girls. So much so, that he stops in the middle of getting his hair did to whoop a little girl. Good guy. The great-aunt’s boyfriend, Marquicio Johnson, 33, was supposed to be watching the child while his girlfriend, a nurse, was working the overnight, 11 p.m.-7 a.m. shift at a Chesterfield nursing home. [Read More]