Prentice Nash: Duck-Faced Killa

Prentice Nash was arrested for the fatal shooting of Wade Finch in a crime that if you closed your eyes and just heard the names you’d swear it was two chubby, rich white kids in sweater vests fighting over a Faberge egg.

Investigators believe Nash, whose home is in the 6600 block of Mignon, about a half-mile from the scene, killed Finch during a robbery attempt.

Nash is charged with 2nd degree murder, first degree robbery and armed criminal action.

One notable within the details of this horrible crime is that it marks the first instance of the “duck face” mugshot jumping from the realm of chicks (example…from a stripper of course) to dudes. Good for you Prentice! Practicing puckering now can only make any forthcoming jail time that much less “knife stabby” and far more “penis stabby”. Seems like a tough decision from this angle, but you’ve clearly made your choice.

via KMOX