2011 Season, Game 5: Tony LaRussa Gets Mad at Reporters, Walks Out

2011 Season, Game 5: Tony LaRussa Gets Mad at Reporters, Walks Out

When Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa announced that he would return as the St. Louis skipper in 2011, he made the following comment:

You start thinking about goals. I came up with some goals, very specific ones. One of my goals is to have the media feel like I’m more loveable.

Tony was joking. Like really joking it turned out. 5 days in to the 2011 he’s already pulled the “storm out of the press conference bit”. He said it was the reporter’s questions about the donkey-ball sucking offense, but his mood probably soured when he spent the first half of his time trying to get that damn bracelet off! The real question in all of this: Where was Bernie Miklasz on this? Isn’t he defender of all writers, the chosen one that stands up to even the whiniest of “after a loss” Tony LaRussas?

Tony…buddy…you’ve been here a long time and this schtick doesn’t carry as well as it used to. You’re deflecting, you’re standing up for you players…blah blah blah…we get it. Here’s what you need to get:

1. This looks like the same, can’t hit, can’t defend, can’t run the bases, decent pitching team from last year and that’s why people are freaking.

2. The Pirates?! Come on man…the freaking Pirates (Yes, we know they’re a “major league team too” and that “they get paid as well”, but you should be better than them.)

3. This is St. Louis. Lots of people tie the overall success of their year with this baseball club. Freakouts are happening in Boston too. Deal with it yo.

4. Another thing! …oh wait. It’s the first week of the season?! Is that all?! Oh crap. Sorry. Please go ahead and keep crapping the bed 4 out of 5 nights until you think everyone’s ready to go. …any idea how the Pirates got so ready to go? Eh! Don’t answer that. Too early!

Take it easy Tony, and give us a call when we should start caring about the games.

(Video courtesy of 101ESPN)

As others have noticed, the video ends with a nice shot of everyone’s favorite guy that writes about sports for Fox Sports Midwest, BJ Rains, smiling a little devil of a smile. What’s he got rattling around in that head of his?

Maybe…maybe…nah! Here’s what’s really on his mind:

That makes more sense.