O’Fallon Police Finger the Fingerer Named Finger For Child Molestation

O’Fallon, MO police have taken Robert Finger in to custody  and charged him with two counts of statutory sodomy and one count of attempted child molestation.

…and yeah, this (alleged) child molester’s name is Finger. Also, that picture on the right isn’t a sketch we made of what the classic molester guy looks like, that’s Mr. Finger himself. …oh and one more little thing:

Prosecutors said Finger had a prior sex offense in Tennessee but had not registered as a sex offender in Missouri despite living here for about four years.

How did a guy with priors, who looks like that, and has a name of “Finger” get anywhere near a child in this day and age? It seems like you can’t help a crying child any more out of fear of people accusing you of being a pedophile, but this guy, with an intact perv mustache, is picking off kids in O’Fallon with no problem?! We know the whole “don’t just a book by it’s cover” deal, but in this case it seems like a reasonable assumption.

If you’re wondering why a man with Bob’s predilections didn’t file the paperwork to change his name to something a little less suggestive, he did actually. His name used to be Robert Childrape. We’re pretty sure it’s a German name.

via STLToday