There Was a Funny Bus Crash Yesterday

…no not that one. Though at one point we heard a clown was involved, but that proved to be false, meaning we needed a funny crash to lighten up the driving mood. Thank god that Metro Bus driver had a diabetic reaction and drove her bus in to a tree! It happened around 8:00 a.m. at the intersection of Elm and Lockwood in Webster Groves, Missouri. The driver was not injured and the bus was empty at the time of the crash. [Read More]

Links From a Clown

Lets start off Friday with some catching up on some news that while important, we didn’t deem as potentially funny as the “Web Center” and a Rally’s shootout. St. Louis based online retailer was sold to What do you mean you’ve never heard of it?! …you have a tan don’t you? Metro debuts new “trollies” (read: Busses with stickers on them). How does this help that fact that you can take the Metrolink downtown at night, but not back home after the bars close? [Read More]

Is Your Metro Bus Line Getting Killed Off?

Is Your Metro Bus Line Getting Killed Off?
Starting yesterday, Feb. 9th, signs will start popping up at the bus stops about the lines that are being killed off because the people in charge of Metrolink / Metrobus are morons. Of course if you ask Metro president Bob Baer what can be done to fix it, he will tell you to help get a new transit funding measure on the ballot in St. Louis County in the spring of 2010. [Read More]
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