Collinsville School Bus Drops Off Kid At Wrong Stop, Leaves Him Wandering the Streets

A 5-year-old Collinsville boy was wandering around¬†next to busy streets after being dropped off at the wrong stop by his bus driver after he was never supposed to be on the bus after school in the first place. It’s probably the kid’s fault though. He washed off his “no bus” hand stamp and replaced it with “Side of the road with no adults around even though I’m 5.” Kid’s got some huge hands. [Read More]

Is Your Metro Bus Line Getting Killed Off?

Starting yesterday, Feb. 9th, signs will start popping up at the bus stops about the lines that are being killed off because the people in charge of Metrolink / Metrobus are morons. Of course if you ask Metro president Bob Baer what can be done to fix it, he will tell you to help get a new transit funding measure on the ballot in St. Louis County in the spring of 2010. [Read More]
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