Collinsville School Bus Drops Off Kid At Wrong Stop, Leaves Him Wandering the Streets

A 5-year-old Collinsville boy was wandering around next to busy streets after being dropped off at the wrong stop by his bus driver after he was never supposed to be on the bus after school in the first place. It’s probably the kid’s fault though. He washed off his “no bus” hand stamp and replaced it with “Side of the road with no adults around even though I’m 5.” Kid’s got some huge hands. [Read More]

Woman Arrested For Beating Up Kid and Not Having Enough Eyebrow Hair

Terisha Wallace was arrested yesterday in Collinsville, Illinois after allegedly beating up a 13-year old kid. On Sunday, June 3, at approximately 8:08 p.m., the Madison County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to a home in Maryville, Ill. where deputies met with the victim of a battery. The victim was suffering from facial swelling and bruising. The victim told deputies he was battered by two subjects. The victim identified Wallace and a 16-year-old male juvenile as the subjects who had battered him. [Read More]

Collinsville Police Chief Takes Stand Against Pants Sagging Law

Everyone jumped on the story a few weeks ago about Collinsville banning sagging pants because it’s a stupid law that either won’t be enforced, or will be enforced until the cops get tired of looking like assholes writing tickets to some beltless kid. You know who agrees with this assessment? The Collinsville Police Chief. [P]olice Chief Scott Williams told Knabel and City Council members that he’s fundamentally opposed to the new law, which makes wearing pants 3 inches below the hips illegal. [Read More]

A Crook Runs From the Law

File this under “dumbass”…and then sub-file it under “untrimmed goatee and need of a Flowbee touch up”: A man was charged on Friday with “Aggravated Fleeing” after he hit an Collinsville Police cruiser with his car and then ran…on foot…with his car still back there. Perfect plan! Now you’re busted and sweaty. You’ll have the last laugh though, don’t look in to the camera when shooting your mugshot. Ha! Ruined your photo. [Read More]

Youth Leader Likes Kids…I Mean Really Likes Kids

You know what’s great about church youth groups? Um…wait I can think of something…there’s um…crap, there has to be something…oh I know! There’s very little chance of being recorded when you wake up on a group camp-out in your tent and decide to rub a quick one out and have it ended up online. A Collinsville, IL church youth group leader is facing charges for possessing and…yup…creating child pornography. Joseph Emil Klug was the leader of the Royal Rangers, a youth group that is for boys of grade school and high school age. [Read More]

Sexy Mugshot: James Watkins, Cock Snatcher

42 year old James Watkins was arrested last weekend for stealing roosters in order to have his own private cock fights. According to Captain Brad Wells, Chief of Detectives for the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were called to the 3300 V.F.W. Lane around 7:50 a.m. Saturday in response to a reported disturbance. When they arrived at the home of James T. Watkins, deputies noticed blood and feathers in the living room. [Read More]