Youth Leader Likes Kids…I Mean Really Likes Kids

You know what’s great about church youth groups?  Um…wait I can think of something…there’s um…crap, there has to be something…oh I know!  There’s very little chance of being recorded when you wake up on a group camp-out in your tent and decide to rub a quick one out and have it ended up online.

A Collinsville, IL church youth group leader is facing charges for possessing and…yup…creating child pornography.

Joseph Emil Klug was the leader of the Royal Rangers, a youth group that is for boys of grade school and high school age. The boys go camping and earn pins for various activities. Klug, as an adult leader, took an Indian sounding name, “Young Owl.”

Sounds so nice.  Nothing wrong here…wait, why does that backback have a blinking red light and is making a zooming sound?

According to federal prosecutors, Klug cut a hole in a backpack, and placed the backpack in a tent with a camera pointing out. Prosecutors say Klug videotaped a young boy masturbating and put that video on the Internet.

Oh crap.  Something told me not to masturbate in front of that backpack.  I feel awkward now. Awkward but sexy.

via KSDK