Governor Should Just Play Lotto Help Budget Says Hilarious Politician

Man politicians are funny!  The state needs money and to help Governor Nixon with that number Rep. Mark Parkinson from St. Charles County has threw together a bill that says Nixon should be required to play Powerball in and effort to cover the cost.

The bill, proposed by Rep. Mark Parkinson, R-St. Charles County, would deduct $2 from Nixon’s paycheck twice a month to buy Powerball lottery tickets and place any potential winnings in a fund called “Governor Nixon’s Scratch-off, Match-off Fund.”

The fund would be dissolved and moved into the general revenue fund if the governor’s potential winnings were to match or exceed $300 million — the exact amount in Nixon’s budget recommendation for fiscal year 2011 that comes from an extension of federal stabilization funds that has not yet been approved by Congress.

So Governor?  Thoughts?

Nixon’s office said the bill is silly.

“It’s not worth commenting on,” Nixon spokesman Scott Holste said.

Oh man.  You are so funny!  That was funny.  I mean you should be a comedian.  I bet you like Family Guy…its so your humor!  Really funny.  I mean not as funny as not wasting our money, but really really funny.

Other proposed bills from Parkinson include “Bil 40283A: Please look at me to validate my life.”, “Yo Mamma so fat Fridays”, and a bill that states all retard fights are required to last a minimum of 10 minutes before attempting to break it up.  …actually we are totally for that last one.  Vote YES on Prop R!

To join the fight against actually funny jokes check out Parkinson’s website that where Mark cooly welcomes you to his site in a sport coat and asks that you join “Team Parkinson”.  Also make sure to checkout the confused baby and the scary immigration graphics on the right.  You know I hear after 5 Mexican move in to your neighborhood, you have to fly the American flag upside down below the Mexican flag.  True story.

[Editor’s Note: Number of Parkinson’s (the disease) jokes or jokes referring to Michael J Fox: Zero.  That was tough.]

via Globe Democrat