Woman Arrested For Beating Up Kid and Not Having Enough Eyebrow Hair

Woman Arrested For Beating Up Kid and Not Having Enough Eyebrow Hair

Terisha Wallace was arrested yesterday in Collinsville, Illinois after allegedly beating up a 13-year old kid.

On Sunday, June 3, at approximately 8:08 p.m., the Madison County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to a home in Maryville, Ill. where deputies met with the victim of a battery. The victim was suffering from facial swelling and bruising.

The victim told deputies he was battered by two subjects. The victim identified Wallace and a 16-year-old male juvenile as the subjects who had battered him.

Terisha is now in the Madison County Jail with a bond set for $50k.

We’re not sure if this made the official court record, but we also noticed that Terisha has a distinct lack of eyebrow. (Exhibit A:)

Is it simply fashion? Trying to hide that criminal brow? Evolution? Gang thing? Drug thing? Stupid thing? Illinois thing?

Terisha, we as humans need eyebrows. We’ll let the fine people at How Stuff Works tell you why:

We know that eyebrows help keep moisture out of our eyes when we sweat or walk around in the rain. The arch shape diverts the rain or sweat around to the sides of our face, keeping our eyes relatively dry. The most obvious advantage of this is that it lets us see clearly when we’re sweating a lot or out in the rain. Without eyebrows, getting around in these conditions is a little more difficult. The shape of your brow itself diverts a certain amount of moisture, but eyebrows make a significant difference in your ability to see.