KMOV Reporter Watches Grass Grow in O’Fallon

KMOV’s Brian Feldman, digging deep:

The current ordinance says on lots less than two acres, grass cannot exceed eight inches.  But on some commercial lots, it may be getting longer than that.

The city council of O’Fallon is going to take a look at making the restrictions much tighter.

In our mind’s eye, Feldman did this interview while wearing one of those little brown fedoras with a press pass tucked in to the band while scribbling away on a little note pad. There weren’t any photos with the story, and we’d like to think that’s only because he forgot all his flash powder or that the his interviewee didn’t have 15 minutes to stand still for the photo to correctly develop.

We aren’t sure why we want Brian Feldman to report news like a 1930’s Jimmy Olsen, but it sure as hell would at least liven up a story about grass height in O’Fallon, MO a touch.


via KMOV