Links From a Clown

Lets start off Friday with some catching up on some news that while important, we didn’t deem as potentially funny as the “Web Center” and a Rally’s shootout.

  1. St. Louis based online retailer was sold to What do you mean you’ve never heard of it?! …you have a tan don’t you?

  2. Metro debuts new “trollies” (read: Busses with stickers on them). How does this help that fact that you can take the Metrolink downtown at night, but not back home after the bars close? Next month Metro will start just standing outside their office jingling their keys yelling “Who wants to go for a ride?!”

  3. Don Coryell died. The Cardinals old coach. No, not those Cardinals. How old are you? …nevermind.

  4. This might be the creepiest mugshot duo ever. They’re from Rolla. Figures one of the 7 girls there would look like this.

  1. Clownvis.