Don’t F*ck With the Rally’s Drive Through

The Rally’s drive-through on Jefferson in South City had a action movie-style shoot out in it, thankfully while we weren’t waiting in line to get our Baconzilla meal deal.

It all started as a basic St. Louis carjacking. Oh, except it was in a Rally’s drive through. Blockquote has all the details.

It was a robbery attempt outside the Rally’s on Jefferson. The victim says he and a friend were contemplating their order, when two suspects tried to get in the car.

Oh snap! That sucks. Are they sure it was a carjacking they could have just been popping in to get down on some cheddar-bacon fries.

But when they pulled their guns on him[…]

Ah. Carjacking.

the victim pulled his gun out too.

Oh hell yeah!

He says, “The first shot hit me, then I reached over while I was in the car and I shot two times. That’s when, he didn’t expect what was going on and he shot again.”

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, what cha gonna do!?

The victim was shot twice, once in each leg. But that didn’t stop him from getting up and continuing to exchange gunfire with the suspects. In the end, one of them had been shot in the head. The other had been shot in the stomach.

The victim says, “Then after that, after it all ended, I dropped down and I was just sitting in my own puddle of blood.”

Holy crap. That’s pretty messed up. One time the lady at Arby’s didn’t give me enough horsey sauce again. Enough is enough I thought…I’m going to go in there and tell her that one packet for two sandwiches isn’t going to cut it. Give her a piece of my mind…I mean, what? Are these packets coming out of her wages? Give me a break!

Anyway, long story short, I decided not to make a scene. She knew she messed up when she saw my face be all like “What?!” and then when I said “Thanks, have a nice day!” If you just put horseradish in mayo, you can make it at home.

She won’t do that too me again.

via KSDK