Dad Accidentally Shoots Kid While Talking About Gun Safety

A father shot his 11-year old kid in the face Friday night during a discussion on firearm safety in St. Joseph, Missouri. Seems like a tough lesson, we guess this is one of those “building character” kind of teaching moments and it probably worked. Junior’s not going to forget where the safety switch is now. The St. Joseph News-Press reports that the boy sustained serious injuries Friday night while cleaning guns and planning a hunting trip with his father. [Read More]

Man Starts Armed Police Standoff While Holding Infant

Sure no one would ever want to shoot a baby, but honestly, a one month old is way too little to be an effective human shield. You cover chest and you expose the face, cover your face with the baby and you expose your chest as well as your nose to any baby stink. The trick really is to find the perfect mix of size and cute “You wouldn’t shoot me, would you Mr. [Read More]

Crazy Old Man Arrested for Being a Crazy Old Man With a Gun

You know how people always say “I can’t wait to be old so I can get away with everything.” Well, that’s not entirely true. Sure you can get away with butt pinching, driving too slow, telling little kids that they’re ugly to their face, lingering while hugging your gradson’s hot girlfriend, saying racist stuff, and having a visible boner, but, while all those things are awesome, you really can’t get away with everything. [Read More]

Missouri Man Dies During Gun Safety Class

Apparently it’s the second half of the Mountain Grove, Missouri (it’s by Springfield) gun safety class that makes the real impact. Authorities say 63-year-old Glenn Seymour of Mountain Grove died after shooting himself in the chest Saturday at a class in rural Douglas County Sheriff Chris Degase says witnesses reported that Seymour was injured while trying to take the safety off a Browning semi-automatic 9 mm weapon. Right after the break they were going to go over the part where you learn to not point the gun at your chest…ever. [Read More]

You Can’t Bring Your Gun and Ammo in to Walmart

29 year old Tyrel Lee Campbell, obviously fromt the from the Ozarks being as he has 3 in-use names and one of them is “Tyrel”, was arrested and charged with “unlawful use of a weapon and drug possession” stemming from a little incident at a local Walmart over “Black Friday”. Apparently Tyrel took the term “Door Busters” a little farther than he should have. He’s accused of walking into a Branson Walmart the day after Thanksgiving. [Read More]

Don’t Put Down Your Gun When Robbing People

When you rob someone, don’t just pull the gun out, surprise them and then think it’s over. It’s not! Robbery not finished yet! You still have work to do! Just don’t put down the gun! The suspected robber, whose name has not been released, came to the home on Compton to use the phone, police said. He came there with a 20-year-old man he’d just met on Wednesday night. Inside the home on Compton was a 19-year-old man. [Read More]

UMSL Locks Down Campus Because of a Professor That Still Likes His Job

The campus of University of Missouri St. Louis today was locked down after a student reported they had seen a “man with a gun” to the police. The following text-alert was sent out to all faculty, staff and students: Man with a gun seen in Lucas Hall. Police have been unable to confirm this. Older W/M, glasses, 5’8″. Avoid Lucas Hall. Secure in place. Don’t come to Campus. If this person is seen call the campus police at 516-5155. [Read More]

Don’t F*ck With the Rally’s Drive Through

The Rally’s drive-through on Jefferson in South City had a action movie-style shoot out in it, thankfully while we weren’t waiting in line to get our Baconzilla meal deal. It all started as a basic St. Louis carjacking. Oh, except it was in a Rally’s drive through. Blockquote has all the details. It was a robbery attempt outside the Rally’s on Jefferson. The victim says he and a friend were contemplating their order, when two suspects tried to get in the car. [Read More]

Woah! Be Cool STLToday. No One Needs to Get Hurt Today.

Ok…there’s no reason we can’t all walk away from this. Click on an ad? Sure. Whatever you want…um which one? Uh…we mean we don’t see them because they are so unobtrusive and not at all annoying when they roll over what I’m trying to read and can’t go back up. Look, if you want to keep paying Jeff Gordon to do who knows what, that’s fine. It has nothing to do with us…lets just not take this to a point where you can’t turn back man. [Read More]

Kid Shoots Himself in the Ass with Shotgun

On Saturday, a 11-year old boy was visiting someone when he wandered across a loaded shotgun. You know how this goes…he started playing with it and some how managed to shoot himself in the butt. He is in critical but stable condition. From the Globe Democrat: Authorities said the gun belonged to a 52-year old man who lives at the home on Dick Gregory Place. So far no charges have been filed against the owner of the gun. [Read More]