Guy Busted Making Meth in White Castle Parking Lot

St. Louis’ “Make Meth While You Do Other Stuff Throughout Your Day” Economy continues to flourish. This time police busted a guy making meth in his car while chilling in a White Castle parking lot. Patrons where shocked to found out that drugs where being made so close by where they had lunch…if they had only known they could have just had meth which would have been the slightly healthier option over the 15 sliders they just ate. [Read More]

Your Daily Meth News: Stolen Licenses and the Walmart Lady Returns

There’s just too much meth news in St. Louis these days, so we’re just going to shrink two stories in to one so you can inhale them quickly, just try not to burn your thumb. Guess what? You might have helped this lady buy meth supplies! If you live in Maplewood and recently got your drivers license renewed then your ID might have been used to buy the ingredients for meth…but if you already buy stuff to make meth all the time then don’t worry about it we guess. [Read More]

Someone Was Making Meth in the South County Walmart

So maybe we’re the only one, but we just figured that all Walmarts were cleared at night to sweep for meth labs. Maybe not though, because the South County Walmart was cleared out last night for that very reason and everyone’s all surprised. A customer cooking a so-called “one pot” batch of methamphetamine inside a pop bottle in her purse caused the Thursday night evacuation of the South County Walmart store. [Read More]

Remember Jem? She’s Doing Meth Now in Cottage Hills Apparently

Hey people over 30! Remember Jem? (Reminder) Well not is she still “truly outrageous” but she’s on meth now and living in Cottage Hills, Illinois. 34 year old Rachael Toner Jem is charged with what officials call an enhanced Class X charge of Aggravated Participation in Meth. The arrest of Toner took place at a home in Cottage Hills, Illinois. Jem, who now looks like this… (See, told you that was Jem) is in jail with a $350,0o0 bond because not only did she make meth, but she did it with her three kids in the house. [Read More]

Task Force Finds 3 St. Charles Meth Labs

The St. Charles County Drug Task Force has been working diligently to find and stop meth production in St. Charles and they recently announced the results of their six-month investigation: They found 3 meth labs. Anyone that lives west of a bridge drives past 4 meth labs on their way to work each morning, but that’s great St. Charles. Three’s better than none…or one…or two. That’s it though. Those are the only three things it’s better than. [Read More]

Guy That Escaped Meth House Explosion Gets Busted Via Facebook

A meth lab explosion in Cahokia ended with two men arrested soon after and a third, Gary Morrison, who initially eluded capture, and found the time to update his Facebook profile with a photo of his charred face. A photo that police say will definitely be used against him in his up-coming court case. “It is one of the few times in my 20-year law enforcement career when we have gathered evidence like this using Facebook,” Detective Joe Beliveau said. [Read More]

Illinois’ Has Run Out of Ideas, Turns to Posters to Stop Meth

Meth is a serious problem for the world, and the midwest specifically. No one knows that more than Missouri and Illinois who have tried everything from technology to legislation to stem the tied of stinky, rash covered meth users. …ok not everything. There is one thing Illinois has left in it’s pocket. It’s been afraid to use it up until now, but dammit, it’s time to go all in! See if you can handle this meth addiction! [Read More]

Sheriff Arrested on Suspicion of Being a Meth Dealer

“Freaking cops! Stealing your stash and then they don’t report it! They just take it themselves and sell it out! Punks they just as bad as the people they bustin’!” Oh fictitious bitter criminal, you’re assumptions that every cop is dirty amuse us…but even a drug-addled, retarded clock is right twice a day. A southeast Missouri sheriff is now charged with distribution of methamphetamine. Carter County Sheriff Tommy Adams was arrested Saturday. [Read More]

Bryan Lang Had A Lot of Meth Labs In His Place

At what point are a bunch of meth labs so close together that they become one really super big meth lab? No one knows, especially the Warrenton Police Department because they’re saying they found a whopping 30 different meth labs in his Warren County home. The cops stumbled upon Bryan Lang’s little meth-apoloza when going to search his house after a warrant had been issued in connection to an ongoing burglary investigation. [Read More]

Washington Meth Lab Doubled as a Daycare

Washington, Missouri police were about to bust yet another meth lab when the realized something: There’s more kids running around here than you would expect at a meth lab. Authorities got a search warrant to search the residence around 1 p.m. on Saturday after a male occupant had recently been investigated for narcotics. After police were inside, they found eight children sleeping. According to police, a woman inside the home had drug paraphernalia in her hand when they arrived. [Read More]