Illinois’ Has Run Out of Ideas, Turns to Posters to Stop Meth

Meth is a serious problem for the world, and the midwest specifically. No one knows that more than Missouri and Illinois who have tried everything from technology to legislation to stem the tied of stinky, rash covered meth users. …ok not everything. There is one thing Illinois has left in it’s pocket. It’s been afraid to use it up until now, but dammit, it’s time to go all in! See if you can handle this meth addiction!

New posters are going up in Illinois pharmacies and drug stores, reminding customers that if they’re buying pills containing pseudoephedrine for meth makers, they are committing a crime.

It’s so obvious now. People that do, sell, or supply meth aren’t simply addicted to the money or high, it’s just that they need someone to gently and silently remind them that they are in fact committing a crime! Specifically the posters target folks that are buying pills and reselling them to meth cookers to skirt the legislated purchase limit, since the assumption is that they don’t realize they’re breaking the law, which is really really stupid.

“We get the sense that there are a lot of folks who don’t realize that when they’re simply purchasing pills, and then re-selling them to a meth-maker that they’re actually engaged in a crime. Our hope is that some of these people who are young, might be a little skittish once they learn that and will stop doing this.”

…because when someone, who is either a stranger or someone you know makes meth, has you buy something for them because they “can’t” it usually seems totally on the up and up, and not at all weird or illegal. A poster will snap you out of that misconception in no time! Of course the little poster on your pack of smokes, the one about joining the military, or the ones on the highway saying you should eat at Jack in the Box have had no effect on you, but this one is bigger, and on an easel, with “meth” in a crusty font unlike the rest of the poster so you know it’s bad. Yeah, this is totally going to work.

“Hey can I buy as much Sudafed as possible…wait a minute…*lips move while reading*…uh…nevermind. You! Boy! What day is it today?!”

“Why it’s October 6th sir!”

“Beautiful! Go and fetch me the largest goose you can find and deliver it to the Cratchit house! Today I am no longer buying meth ingredients for people, since the sign of ‘improbable arrest of the future’ has shown me the way!”

If Illinois’ pilot “Hey, stop doing that!” poster program is successful, look for Missouri to join in with several different campaigns including: “Woah there buddy. Is that really your car?”, “You guys! Seriously! Stop shooting each other!”, and “When you don’t shave your back before the Cardinal game, the people behind you can’t stop looking at the tuffs of hair poking out the arm holes of your 1992 Cardinals tank top. Think before you tank!”

via KMOX