Jon Hamm Thinks St. Louis Kinda Sucks

Ok, so Jon Hamm didn’t actually say the words “St. Louis kinda sucks.” on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast but he did say…

It’s a good town to be from and a good place to be a kid…but it’s very much a place where when you grow up you either work for your dad or you leave town.

There’s not a lot of innovation happening in St. Louis.

For whatever reason, I always wanted to get out of that place.

Well thanks a lot Jon Hamm! Maybe come visit some time before you go blabbing about St. Louis from your lofty Hollywood perch. “Oh I play a guy from the 60s in a tv show on a channel called American Movie Classics! I think I’m special even though it makes no sense for a TV show to be on a channel named that.”  That shit makes no sense and you know it Jon! No innovation?! Maybe you’ve heard of Square, one of the hottest start-ups on that internet thing, and it has an office in St. Louis. [Editor’s Note: …ok, it used to have an office in St. Louis. You’ve won this round Hamm!] Or maybe you’re reading this blog. A site that innovates it’s ass off every single day! Like the other night, when this girl wouldn’t give us her number, and was frankly a bit rude, we just innovated over to her Facebook page and then just waited in the bushes outside her house. We watched her watch TV and eat a Hot Pocket for a while, then ripped some of our hair out and fed it to her dog so a part of us could be in her house and maybe hump the couch. Then we left, killing a homeless guy on the way home just to feel something. Oh and you think we did that just because our dad did Jon Hamm? Well that happens to simply be a coincidence!

Later on Hamm talks about how he taught The Office’s Ellie Kemper drama while she was in a St. Louis high school and he was a 24 year old teacher’s assistant. Here’s a picture of the Bridesmaids star so no matter what you like, everyone has an opportunity to look a little too long at a picture in this post.

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WTF Podcast with Jon Hamm