Cardinals: NLDS Game 5

Cardinals: NLDS Game 5

Big game tonight! Here’s a live stream of tweets from some notably funny or knowledgable Cardinal-watching people:

@MattSebekJoe Sports Fan writer and maker of Cardinal memes.

@athooksCards writer

@tortycraig – Allen Craig’s turtle.

@matthewhleach – Cardinals beat writer for

@dgoold – Post Dispatch sports writer. Not the bitchy one that just complains and says “I told you so!” all the time…the other one.

@mikeflynn_ – Punching editor and Cardinal fan that tries really really hard to keep the sports content to a minimum on the site.

@miklasz – Post Dispatch sports columnist. All around nice guy.

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Live In-Game Updates:

7:15pm: So the game is on what channel? TNT? Can’t tell if this is it or if this is Law & Order: MLB SVU

7:30pm: Crap! We forgot to include Fox Sports Midwest reporter BJ Rains on our Twitter list…oh wait…no we didn’t.

Mid-1st Inning: The Brewers just won. Nyjer Morgan is already fighting someone with a champagne bottle.

…adding Bernie Miklasz to the live tweet brigade!

8:00pm: Carp looks sharp. Back to TBS.

End of the 2nd: Cardinals up by a run. TLR probably considering taking Freese out of the game because who would see that coming?!

Bottom 3rd: Jon Jay is in, Skip out. Probably because they want Jay to do that “we’re #1” slide again when we win.

8:31pm: No, he’s not pointing at a damn squirrel. Seriously, that’s enough with the squirrel.

Mid 5th: Seriously ==>

Bottom 5th: Quick half inning. It sure would be nice to have more than one run.

Bottom 6th: This is a huge inning for Carpenter and the Cards. Please god do ok.

9:13pm: You don’t steal on Molina.

Top 7th: Damn, Holliday almost got an extra run for us there, which would have meant I could ever so slightly unclench my butthole. Oh well.

9:20pm: Freese out after getting a base hit. We aren’t joking this time.

Mid 7th: Starting to freak out now. Still 1 – 0, Cardinals, but…we don’t know…just freaking out.

Top 8th: No change it game. Changed our pants 3 times so far though.

9:37pm: Carp making plays with the bat and his feet! Men at 1st and 2nd! Please score…please score…please score…

Mid 8th: F*ck. Bases loaded, no runs.

9:50pm: Frucal is a god. Molina continues to frustrate me this series.

Top 9th: We’re freaking the hell out with the stress…that waitress on that Ray Romano commercial is really hot.

9:57pm: Our stomach might be trying to chew it’s way out of our body. It feels like it’s getting close.

Mid 9th: Shut the hell up Big Bang Theory commercial! Other shit is going on right now!

Bottom 9th: Carp still out there, Utley hits the hell out of one…change of pants #4.

Game Over: CARDINALS WIN! Philly in 3 huh?

10:09pm: Bring it on Brewers.

It’s all over! Thanks for hanging with us! This was quite possibly the greatest NLDS ever and not just because the Cardinals won. Amazingly tense series all the way through.