Cardinals: NLCS Game 1

Cardinals: NLCS Game 1

Same deal as NLDS Game 5. Click through the jump to see our in-game updates and the Twitter Feed of Baseball Comment Greatness.

Top 1st: Oh yeah, this game started at 3pm. Thought it was at 4pm.

3:09pm: Shadows!!! Shadows!!!!!!!!!!

Mid 1st: We got a run! …that should be all you need, right Jamie Garcia? Carpenter said that one should be enough.

3:23pm: Braun home run, and then Fielder is plunked? Great start Garcia.

3:26pm: Garcia is coming loose. Not. Good.

3:33pm: …so the bottom of the 1st inning is still going on. That’s fun.

Top 2nd: Jamie is up now. Looking for that elusive bases empty two-run home run.

Top 3rd: Not sure if it’s TBS or UVerse, but we can’t see the game right now.

3:57pm: Ok, it’s back, but everyone is stuttering really badly and the broadcast is pretty bad in general. That’s probably just the way TBS is normally though.

4:00pm: Gone completely again…wait…I can see a Tommy Lee Jones commercial.

Bottom 3rd: Turns out it was TBS’ HD feed that went down and the Standard Def is fine. This is troubling as we are only HD Cardinal fans. You can’t even read any of Yadi’s neck tattoos.

4:07pm: We just forgot who was batting and accidentally cheered. We apologize for that oversite.

Top 4th: David Freese, we love you. Expect a locket of our hair in your mail box.

Top 5th: Great play by big ass Prince Fielder! We felt the ground shake here in St. Louis when he dove for that ball.

Bottom 5th: Now we just need to hold on…hold on….crap. Base hit Corey Hart.

4:49pm: Ok, so lets get a new pitcher shall we? No outs, Brewers on first and second with Braun up.

4:51pm: After a double and a home run, this will be the moment that everyone in St. Louis hates Tony LaRussa until the next game for not doing the obvious and pulling Garcia.

4:55pm: Good throw Dotel. Guess you weren’t that warm.

4:57pm: From @dgoold: “Again: Braun is 2-for-8 in his career vs. Dotel with a double and six strikeouts. SIX! If he wasn’t warming up for him, then who? #stlcards”

5:01pm: Home run. Cardinals down by 3. We wish there was a Rams game on suddenly.

Top 6th: From @mikeflynn_: “Nice of the Cardinals to fill the St. Louis sucking quotient while the Rams were off today.”

Bottom 6th: Lance Lynn is in the game as the new Cardinals pitcher. Dotel back to the clubhouse to finish that 3 lbs chili dog with a side of retirement he was working on before TLR interrupted him to go pitch.

Top 7th: Blah blah blah…stuff happened…still down by three.

5:40pm: Pujols doubles in a run! …double play that is.

Bottom 7th: Ugh.

6:08pm: From @mattsebek: “Nyjer Morgan with another tobacco toss after a strikeout.  Classy.  At least it wasn’t at the opposing pitcher this time.”

Mid 8th: Ugh.

Top 9th: *fart sound*

The End: Cardinals lose Game 1, 6 – 9.