Jon Hamm Thinks St. Louis Kinda Sucks

Ok, so Jon Hamm didn’t actually say the words “St. Louis kinda sucks.” on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast but he did say… It’s a good town to be from and a good place to be a kid…but it’s very much a place where when you grow up you either work for your dad or you leave town. There’s not a lot of innovation happening in St. Louis. For whatever reason, I always wanted to get out of that place. [Read More]

The Enquirer Says Jon Hamm is Headed Towards Rehab

The Enquirer, bastion of all that is good in the world of reporting…you know this sentence started out as a joke, but half way through we thought “How much worse are they really than the cable news channels?” Good point inner monologue! We’re running with this story about St. Louisan Jon Hamm for sure then! Friends of Jon Hamm fear that he is taking after his hard-drinking TV character Don Draper – and if he doesn’t back off the bottle, he could land in rehab. [Read More]

Jon Hamm Drops the Highschool Question on Saturday Night Live

Jesus. It’s come to this. St. Louisian Jon Hamm hosted Saturday Night Live last night and dropped the old “Where did you go to high school?” line to a national audience. Missed it? We have the video below: Yes, we know its just a line in one of those “last few of the night that really aren’t that good but if we don’t let the new guy get a sketch he’s written on the air soon he’s going to kill himself” sketches, but still this is getting out of hand. [Read More]