The Enquirer Says Jon Hamm is Headed Towards Rehab

The Enquirer, bastion of all that is good in the world of reporting…you know this sentence started out as a joke, but half way through we thought “How much worse are they really than the cable news channels?” Good point inner monologue! We’re running with this story about St. Louisan Jon Hamm for sure then!

Friends of Jon Hamm fear that he is taking after his hard-drinking TV character Don Draper – and if he doesn’t back off the bottle, he could land in rehab. Hamm was spotted July 1 stumbling out of Little Dom’s restaurant in LA with his longtime girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt.

“In my opinion, he was absolutely blind drunk!” an eyewitness told The Enquirer. “I was walking in as he was leaving around midnight, and as I opened the door for him, he almost fell out of the bar. I asked him if he was alright as he tripped out of the door and mumbled something incoherently. Jennifer followed right behind him and rolled her eyes.”

The story does state that Hamm is “sober as a preacher” while at work, so we’re not exactly talking about Andy Dick here, but clearly some people are worried about the handsome leading man. If you want some advice Jon, we say…


Nice beard and hat! Keep up the awesomeness!

We would recommend keeping the stretching to a minimum when you feel yourself pitting out though.

via Celebitchy