St. Charles County Touts Lower Teen Pregnancy Rate

Teen pregnancy is declining in St. Charles County everyone! It’s also declining nationally by about the same rate, but that must just be some crazy coincidence because stuff is really going well out in St. Charles County. That many Applebee’s can’t be wrong! From 1990 to 2000, there were nearly 23 percent fewer teen pregnancies in the county. For teens ages 15 to 17, the number dropped more than 50 percent. [Read More]

Festus Girl Hit in the Head With a Shot Put

It’s prom time, and high school girls all over the area are kneeling down only to be smacked in the face with some balls, but for one Festus girl, it wasn’t a euphemism this time: Authorities said the 17-year-old girl threw the shot put and then went to retrieve it. Before she got completely out of the way, the next girl threw her shot. The shot struck the girl on the side of the head. [Read More]

The Timberland Highschool School Board Sucks Ass

Hey kids of Timberland High School, you remember this: You mess with the bull, you get the horns. The staff of the school newspaper and free speech honks that live for things like this filed in to a Wentzville School Board meeting Thursday night to hear a discussion of whether the level of censorship being displayed by the Timberland High School principal was within “acceptable” levels. Apparently the kids have been feeling a bit censored for some time now. [Read More]

Jon Hamm Drops the Highschool Question on Saturday Night Live

Jesus. It’s come to this. St. Louisian Jon Hamm hosted Saturday Night Live last night and dropped the old “Where did you go to high school?” line to a national audience. Missed it? We have the video below: Yes, we know its just a line in one of those “last few of the night that really aren’t that good but if we don’t let the new guy get a sketch he’s written on the air soon he’s going to kill himself” sketches, but still this is getting out of hand. [Read More]