Society Still Going Despite Yesterday’s Civil Unions

Both Illinois’ St. Clair County and Missouri’s University City opened their doors yesterday morning to a line of people waiting to be the first few to get a civil union in their respective areas. Meanwhile, hate filled people somehow failed to noticed that the world did actually continue to spin and society as we know it, did go on. In St. Clair: St. Clair County Clerk Bob Delaney reported that seven couples in the county had been united as of 9 AM and that he was expecting more to turn out. [Read More]

Archbishop: Long Dead Priest Probably Touched Kids

Reverend John Wieberg became a priest in 1918, retired in 1961 and died two years later. In the meantime, he served as a priest in southern Missouri as well as St. Charles County, and, according to St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson, he touched kids. Rebuttal Father Wieberg? …oh, that’s right, you’re dead. Five people have come forward over the past few years alleging abuse that happened from the mid-1940s through the early 1960s, Phil Hengen, director of the archdiocesan office of Child and Youth Protection, said Monday. [Read More]

Mayor Slay Declared Yesterday “Lewis Place Day”

Our honorable Mayor Slay spent part of his Monday at Lewis Place, an historic African-American neighborhood north of the Central West End that was hit hard by the infamous New Year’s Eve tornados. The neighborhood is an important one for the area because… The first black families to buy homes on Lewis Place ran into property-deed covenants that prohibited owners from selling to blacks. The U.S. Supreme Court overturned those covenants in a landmark 1948 case known as Shelley v. [Read More]

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster Lists the 15 Worst Charities

According to Missouri’s Attorney General Chris Koster, there are charities out there that aren’t really here to help! Some charities are super helpful organizations that take money and give all of it over to whatever their cause is…women that like fat guys or Mexicans something…but other charities take your money, pocket most of it and then throw a few pennies at their “cause” to keep things nice and legal. We’re starting to think that money we gave to the “Women Helping Others Reach Elevated Standards” last week won’t really help anything except for Cinnamon’s issues with her pimp. [Read More]

Hopeville Homeless Camp Not Gone, Just Somewhere Else Now

Earlier this year we talked about Hopeville, the homeless camp downtown underneath the Tucker Boulevard tunnel until the city kicked them all out in May because it probably smelled a lot like pee and sadness, which is ok when we go to visit Grandma, but not when we walk down Tucker. While Hopeville I is gone, as planned, Hopeville II was created so that there could be another really really sad place named something that sounds really really happy. [Read More]

Chicago Woman Cries Sexual Assault from Lambert Airport Screening

Penny Moroney was going through security to get on her flight back home to Chicago when the her artificial knee set off the metal detector. The TSA staff on duty gave her two choices: Stay in St. Louis (and probably get shot or robbed) or take part in the new “invasive” pat down. Her gloved hands touched my breasts…went between them. Woah. Then she went into the top of my slacks, [Read More]

Area Man Makes Mustang Ugly for the Troops

War is hell and now some guy’s Mustang looks the part. Dubbed the American Spirit, the muscle car is covered with 255 pictures depicting the history of American war veterans. The photos are grouped in chronological order, starting with the American Revolution on the back bumper and ending with Operation Iraqi Freedom on the front. The car sports the vanity license plates “LVNFRE,” and across the front fender in 14 karat gold are the words “A Tribute To The American Soldier. [Read More]

Election 2010: Choose Your Own Adventure

[Update: Results graphic updated with the final two race results. Click for a larger view.] Wow! What an election season. We saw some great fights that turned out to be landslides, and things we thought were decided in October come down to the wire. We had the big push for that thing we both wanted to win and held hands while we found out that person we didn’t want to win take the victory and then went to Twitter to complain…a lot. [Read More]

Get Your 2010 St. Louis Themed Halloween Costumes Right Here

We gotta say St. Louis, we didn’t see many interesting costumes running around last Halloween. Sure there were the staples of Sexy Cat, Sexy Nurse, Sexy Bus Driver, Sexy Lunch Lady, Heath Ledger Joker… It’s not that we don’t like the “sexy” costumes…we love them! Keep it up ladies, you actually did pretty damn well last year. You keep on smushing up your boobs in to that nurse outfit, and us guys will keep drinking to help make the second teir ladies look first-string by 2am. [Read More]