Area Man Makes Mustang Ugly for the Troops

War is hell and now some guy’s Mustang looks the part.

Dubbed the American Spirit, the muscle car is covered with 255 pictures depicting the history of American war veterans. The photos are grouped in chronological order, starting with the American Revolution on the back bumper and ending with Operation Iraqi Freedom on the front. The car sports the vanity license plates “LVNFRE,” and across the front fender in 14 karat gold are the words “A Tribute To The American Soldier.” Owner Scott Lewis said he’s spent $80,000 outfitting the car.

Yes, this O’Fallon man made his 1971 Mach I Fastback in to something that looks like America’s Trapper Keeper from the 80s.

Lewis said a lot of people ask him why he designed the car,

No kidding.

…and he tells them it was his way of saying thanks. Lewis was unable to serve in the military because of a medical condition, but he’s grateful for the freedom and security he enjoys in America.

Other acceptable methods of thanks would have been “buying a soldier a beer” and simply “saying ‘Thanks!’” We would even accepted one of those big yellow ribbon magnets…but just one! One is all you need on a car. Having five on the back of your Ford Explorer doesn’t make you five times more loving of the troops, it just makes you look like your easily swayed by the Dollar Store.

To be clear, we love the sentiment, but if we have to make everything look like Uncle Sam threw up on it in this country to prove you are patriotic, then the terrorists have won.

War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing…other than sweet movies, and stopping Nazis.

via STLToday